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Jan 13 2013


Certificate for reaching my five-year service anniversary at Missouri State in 2012; a Wilfred-esque hat at the mall; my cute outfit the other day; the service awards ceremony where I got my certificate; Julian and Ryan play; pretty sunset.

Nov 14 2012

319/366: Y’all let me know if I’m posting too many of these

‘Cuz I can’t get enough 🙂

Nikon D5000, f/3.5, 1/40 sec, 18mm

Oct 29 2012

303/366: First visit to the pediatrician

I knew we had picked a good doctor’s office when they ushered us into an exam room covered in rocket and star decals. Here, Ryan and Julian consider a celestial painting.

Well, Ryan does. Julian goes to sleep.

Android camera + Photoshop

Oct 28 2012

302/366: Smiling at Daddy

Kind of grainy, but I caught a fleeting smile as Ryan tickled Julian.

Android Pixlr-o-matic

Oct 23 2012

297/366: Early morning nap


Android FX Camera