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Aug 18 2013


Jules and Daddy play on opposite sides of the window.

Aug 12 2013


Jules had a fantastic time playing with Daddy at Ella’s birthday party. Happy third birthday, Ella!

The bandaid on Jules’s nose is there because he scratched it really hard. It’s healing up!

May 26 2013


Daddy and Jules watch a group of lakegoers drive their boat right into the side of the next dock over; later, Jules explores the aerodynamic properties of plastic caterpillar toys.

May 19 2013


Jules helps Daddy play a game.

Jan 27 2013


Top: Julian will pull himself up to sitting if you hold his hands. He’s getting strong! Bottom: I made ice-cream-filled choux pastry puffs drenched in homemade hot fudge for dessert last night. I will never make these again, ever, I swear, because these are the most amazing things EVER and I will weigh 300 pounds in nothing flat.