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Jan 31 2010

Weekend in Kansas City

We Tudors fans love a man in armor

I visited my lovely sister Elizabeth in Kansas City this weekend (yay!). I got there about noon yesterday, and first we had Chinese food for lunch, then we hit the Nelson-Atkins art museum.

by John Singer Sargent

This is one of Beth’s favorite paintings. I can see why!

Samurai Armor

Beth commented that this armor would probably fit her, although her feet are too big for the shoes.

Knight in armor

We really dig the medieval armor. This prompted us to go back to Beth’s house and watch six hours of season three of the Tudors. We finished the season this morning.

And the picture you’ve been waiting for… the real reason I drove three hours in the snow:

Beth squeegees her windshield

… to snap a shot of my sister squeegeeing her windshield.

I had a blast hanging out with her and can’t wait to visit again! Of course, I was glad to get home, and I walked in the door to see that my amazing husband already had the TV turned to PBS so that I could plop right down and watch the next installment of Emma, which I am enjoying immensely. That’s the kind of little thing that makes me love Ryan more and more every day.

Have a good week, everyone!

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Jan 28 2010

BBBS: Bowling with Jessica

Bowling Shoes

Jessica and I went bowling the other day.

Jessica makes a face

Ready to bowl

Off to battle the evil pins


And despite having the gutter railings up, and earning the screen above, neither of us cracked 100 either game. Oh well…. better luck next time!

These photos and more on Flickr.

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Jan 26 2010

A Visit Home


I visited my mother a few weekends ago, and had a chance to snap a few photos as Mom did her afternoon chores. These are, of course, also posted on my Flickr.

Mom with Aracauna Rooster

Mom with a Silver-Laced Wyandotte hen

Mom with the same hen

The geese

Once chores were done, we decided to make some tea to warm up. Mom had received a “flower tea” pot for Christmas, so she showed me how it works.

Flower Tea PodThis is a “pod”, dried tightly together. Once steeped in boiling water, it will blossom into a lovely, tasty arrangement.

Flower Tea

Flower Tea

Flower Tea

Flower Tea

Flower Tea

Flower TeaSee? Isn’t that pretty?

Dec 28 2009

Handmade Christmas Gifts, 2009

Tote Bags

I made as many Christmas gifts as I could this year. In the header image and below are the tote bags I made for Ryan’s mother, aunt, and grandmothers. I’ll be making one for Mom’s birthday in May, I think!  These are made using Simplicity pattern 2676 and cotton quilting fabrics; you may remember these prints from an earlier post. These were a big hit, and I learned a lot from making them.



For Keegan and Kadence, my I-wish-these-kids-were-my-nephews, I made Lumpysaurs!


Soooo lumpy!

Awww look at all the lumps!

These are based on the Unforgettable Elephant pattern in Sew Everything Workshop, by Diana Rupp; I added the head, neck, and tail to the elephant body. These are made of stash fabrics and stuffed with scraps, so they’re good for bopping brothers over the head, which is what they do with stuffed animals. I hear the boys loved them.

On an unrelated note, I saw Avatar today and loved it… Who knew ten-foot-tall blue people with tails could be so interesting, and so very, very badass? Incidentally, I will probably go see every movie Sam Worthington makes from here on out, because the eye candy factor is through the roof. The rest of the movie is pretty eye-catching, too.

Next up: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Sherlock Holmes.

Later dudes.

Dec 16 2009

My Favorite Kids

Jessica pretends my shoe is a phone

I’ve spent two evenings this week with my favorite kids. Monday night Jessica and I played fashion designer with my closet, and trust me, you’re glad I’m not showing you her sense of coordinating colors. You’re welcome.

Incidentally, I’ve added blur effects to hide ISO noise; all these were taken in low light.

Jessica picks out a dress and shoes:

Jessica thinks I should wear this one

and proceeds to turn them into toys:

Crazy Wig

I love the pose in this next one; just wish it came out of the camera a little less blurry. Oh well; enjoy!


Yesterday I babysat for Keegan and Kadence so their parents could enjoy their eighth anniversary. Kadence sorted his Reese’s Pieces while Keegan worked on his Santa puppet (check out these reds and blues!):

Busy boys

These two have a great sibling relationship (and a stuffed Santa, if you look closely):

Keegan and Kadence

Oh, and they kinda seem to like me (probably because I gave them Reese’s Pieces):

Me and the Boys

Would you believe they posed themselves for this? Seriously, I look up and they are on the chair waiting for me (take the picture already, lady!):


Kadence giggles if you smooch him (Keegan took this one):


It’s things like this that make me look forward to having kids with Ryan someday. Not right now. But someday.

<insert contented sigh here>