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Jun 23 2010

The “My Blog is Carbon Neutral” program

Via EcoSalon this morning: the My Blog is Carbon Neutral initiative. The goal is to plant a tree for each participating blog/website in Plumas National Forest in Northern California, helping to reforest after wildfires. Since it’s easy to join, I figured why not? More information is available here.

carbon neutral local offers with kaufDA.de

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May 26 2010

In the Garden

Ryan and I decided to try our hand at gardening this year (since we have our own back yard and all) using the Square Foot Gardening method.

This is our garden today:

Well… that was what it looked like before I harvested our first crop of spinach!

Needless to say, dinner tonight was a spinach quesadilla.

And it was full of yum.

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Mar 23 2010

BBBS: Third Anniversary

Jessica makes the law around here

Jessica and I have been matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters for three years today.

We celebrated yesterday by stuffing our faces at CiCi’s Pizza.


Then we invaded our friends’ house, where Jessica and Keegan and Kadence played hide-and-go-seek and tag with various twists. Mainly, this involved running around the house as fast as possible, with the roles of chaser and chasee being exchanged at random. The only rule is, if you “die” (that is, wipe out on the kitchen floor), everyone points and laughs! Then you are “healed” with magic, and it’s back into the fray! Weapons included: a plastic pistol, an empty Dr Pepper liter bottle, a vacuum hose, a pair of shoes, a ball, socks, and a stuffed Hulk toy.

There were capes involved.

Kadence discovers that light sabers can double as a vacuum in a pinch

The evening ended with a quiet round of “Go Fish”. Kadence is a master of the game, and won all our cards. Twice.

It was much less-planned than our previous match anniversaries have been, but Jessica loved it. Here’s to many more years like the three we’ve already shared!

Feb 26 2010

Building Garden Beds

Working on the garden boxes

Ryan and I are planning a vegetable garden this year, using the square foot gardening method. We want to plant three 4′ x 4′ raised beds, and decided to make boxes with a bottom panel as well, for a number of reasons. Of course, we wanted to do it as economically as possible, so we purchased three 4′ x 8′ panels of 3/4″ plywood and cut into pieces to construct three 4′ x 4′ x 1′ boxes. Ryan’s dad, Steve, helped us put them together in his warehouse. Here are some pictures I took during the epic construction process:

Ryan with a power tool (*swoon*)

Ryan and Steve discuss something important

Hottest man on the planet (*swoon again!*)

A finished box!

Loading three boxes of awesomeness into the truck

More photos on Flickr.

Feb 25 2010

Austin, TX

Winging my way south

I spent last week in Austin, TX, for the Educause Southwest Regional Conference 2010; I presented a session on “Using a Wiki to Keep Up with Evolving Training and Documentation Needs”.

Flying and I really don’t get along. My flight out got cancelled, so I got put on a later flight – meaning I missed my connecting flight, so I got to Austin about three hours after I was scheduled to. My last flight coming home was pretty terrible – delayed for two hours, super hot, and someone had been eating beans… and that’s before the bumpy descent and slam-into-the-runway landing. The hotel was okay, the food was expensive, and the whole trip had entirely too little of my Ryan. The conference itself was good, so it was worth going, but man… no more flying for me for a loooooong time!

I also made time to tour the Texas State Capitol; here are some photos:

Texas State Capitol

Rotunda in the Capitol

Hinges at the Capitol

St Elias Orthodox Church

Park next to the hotel

Sunset from my hotel window

More photos can be found on Flickr.