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Nov 3 2013


Kite reflected in the lake.

Sep 15 2013


Went for a walk with Julian and my lovely friend Kristi at Nathanael Green Park today. Right as I clicked the shutter for a completely normal, boring shot of the lake, a fish decided to jump completely out of the water. So, that was kind of cool.

Jul 7 2013


Taken at the lake on the Fourth of July. Why do I like this one so much? Well, it’s a hand-held longish exposure taken on a moving vehicle – my goal was to try to catch what it felt like while the boat was moving. I’ve edited it pretty significantly (even at f22 with 1/20 shutter speed, it was bright daylight, so the original image was pretty blown out). I like how it turned out.

May 26 2013


Daddy and Jules watch a group of lakegoers drive their boat right into the side of the next dock over; later, Jules explores the aerodynamic properties of plastic caterpillar toys.