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Dec 6 2013


Jules investigates a snowdrift against his window.

Oct 9 2012

283/366: Lamp Shade?

Thinking about jazzing up the plain white lampshade on the lamp in the baby’s room. I’ve Scotch-taped paper circles
(that match the mobile I made) as a rough draft, and I’ll glue them down if I decide I like it.

I haven’t decided yet.

Android Camera 360

Sep 20 2012

264/366: Surprise Pregnancy Fact

Faucets are suddenly too far away to reach, because the belly gets in the way.

I feel like I have tiny T-Rex arms every time I try to wash my hands.

For realz.

Android Camera 360 + Pixlr-o-matic

Aug 27 2012

240/366: Ceiling fan

Another step closer to finishing the baby’s room! With many thanks to Grandpa-to-be.

Fuji Finepix J38