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Apr 7 2013


Jessica and I went to the circus today. I think of the six years we’ve gone so far, today’s was my favorite. I guess because I could see that the performers were really enjoying themselves. This girl in particular just shone.

Mar 16 2011

BBBS: Circus 2011

Once again Jessica and I made our annual pilgrimage to the Shrine Mosque for a dose of sequins, colored lights, clowns, and elephants. As always, we enjoyed the show and had a great time; Jessica went from “omg clowns are scary!” to “look how many autographs I got!”, so I guess the evening was a success!

The evening was extra special for a couple of little girls in the audience: Aleena and Alexia Havens, who were injured badly in a house fire a few months ago and have been in Shriner hospitals until last week, got to thank the emergency responders who saved their lives, and enjoy the circus in style.

Here are some highlights of the evening:

Motorcycle + high wire + ORANGE
Motorcycle + high wire + ORANGE

I present you this cheerleader
I present you this cheerleader

Jessica takes her own photos
Jessica takes pictures too

My element is fire
My element is fire


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Here are some of Jessica’s photos, too!

Firefly Climbing

Aerial Acrobat

Flying Poodles!

Elephant Dominoes

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