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May 5 2009

Whoa I’m Alive…

Disco Ball at Bowling Alley

… but I’ve been feeling really sick for weeks now, which is a poor excuse for not writing a post since March, but it’s what I’ve got. Apparently I am “under too much stress” and MUST cut back and MUST get more exercise and MUST get eight hours of sleep a night (I get five on a good night, in general) so I’ve found myself getting much less done every evening in an effort to be in bed by 10:00 pm. Oddly my efforts to do these things have yet to make any difference, but we’ll see how it goes. Wedding planning is going well, house hunting is going as well as can be expected, work is ridiculously busy, WoW has pretty much fallen by the wayside, and despite the pile of unfinished, unpublished posts here, I haven’t felt like there is much to write about. So, here’s hoping I get to feeling better soon. Cheers, and see you in a few.

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