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Dec 3 2009

Wedding Day!

My flowers were amazingly gorgeous

Hooray! Ryan and I got married!!! I know it was over a month ago, but now we have our professional photos (yay!) and you get to see them! Here are some highlights, all taken by Beth’s Photography, who also did our videography:

My girls!
Lookit my pretty girls!

Four men and a pew
Meanwhile, the gentlemen discuss deep and serious topics.

Ryan and the Ring Bearers
Someone actually got Ryan and the ring bearers to sit still long enough to snap a photo!

Oooh pretty

Just me, holdin' up this wall
Part of my “bridal session”.

This cake was definitely not a lie.

Some of our guests get a laugh early in the ceremony
The ring bearers were supposed to give their ring pillows to the Maid of Honor (my beautiful sister) and one of the Best Men (Ryan’s friend Chris). Instead, the boys gave both pillows to Ryan, and because it was so unbelievably cute everyone got a good laugh.

Bride's Entrance
Here I am!

Getting married
Havin’ a weddin’.

The kiss
Eeeewwww cooties.

Hey we got married!

I posted additional photos on a Facebook album that I am just maybe, just maaaaybe, willing to share with you.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as we enjoyed being in them!

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