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Sep 18 2009

Taking a Break and Catching Up

Fabric for Table Runners

Whew. It’s been a craaaazy couple of weeks. Luckily, I took pictures.

Ryan and I split Labor Day weekend between his family’s cabin in Forsyth and Kansas City visiting my awesome sister. in Forsyth, we sat around, watched TV, and went out for Barbecue.

Fat Daddy's

And we visited the docks where Ryan’s relatives were fishing.

We were too busy to fish

In Kansas City, we ate Italian food, went to a bookstore, and then Mom taught us to knit. Yes, I’m doin’ it wrong (FAIL). I fixed it later.

Failed attempt at casting on properly. I got it right later.

There has been a monumental amount of wedding stuff getting done (less than a month to go!). We’ve been meeting with vendors, paying pills, nailing down details, and for me, having hair and makeup run-throughs and sewing my veil to my tiara. I really am as tired as I look here.


I’m making table runners for our reception tables, and have 5 of the 20 done. I’m going to give 5 pieces of fabric to my mom and 5 to Ryan’s, and I’ll finish the other 5 and they’ll be DONE.

Table runners in progress

Lea Ann and I attended Scrap-A-Palooza, where I worked on the guest book. I wanted to show how much I enjoy scrapbooking, and leave plenty of room for guests to write messages if they desire. My favorite spread so far:

Guestbook pages

Got to have some fun at work the other day. I’m in a leadership development program called University Staff Ambassadors, and September’s event was a campus tour. We got to go up into the carillon tower and see how the carillon is played. I even got to get up close to the bells:

Carillon Bells

and snap a photo of the JQH fountain from on high:

Look at how little the people are!

We toured all the property on the Springfield campus and then had a scavenger hunt that wore me out.

My souvenir for the day: my own hard hat.

So we could tour a construction zone

I know, I look ridiculous. But, it was fun. Now, it’s bed time. Later, d00ds.

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