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Aug 9 2009

Sewing Projects

My sewing machine

For those of you who might not know, I inherited a sewing machine, mounted in a cabinet, from my grandmother. Mom had the manual; stuck between two pages was the receipt for its purchase by my grandparents in 1976.

It’s been idle for years.

So, with Mom’s help, I’ve learned how to thread it, change  the tension, wind bobbins, and get into general mischief with it. I purchased a copy of Sew Everything Workshop, and have completed several of the projects in it (with a couple of monumental failures, but I’m pretending those never happened). I’ve sewn a few things just for fun, but lately it’s been turning into a passion. In roughly three evenings of sewing over the last two weeks, I have completed several projects that I deem noteworthy. Read on to find out if you agree!

The tote bags are gifts for Mom and Beth, who helped me pick out the fabric (from the remnant bin at Hobby Lobby). These are based on the directions in Sew Everything Workshop, but I’ve altered the steps to suit my own tastes. I photographed the construction of the red-and-green one so that I could write out a tutorial; tune in later for the details.


The boxers are made from a pattern in Sew Everything Workshop using fabric purchased at JoAnn, and Ryan says they are quite comfy.

(Ryan’s underwear is on teh webs!!!1!!)


Ryan’s sister gave me a dress that fit, but didn’t really have enough material to cover everything it needed to cover on me. Okay, so it really doesn’t count as “sewing” per se, because all I did was lop off the bodice, but I’m thinking about undoing the shirring at the waist, constructing a waistband, and installing a zipper.




Stayed tuned for more of my adventures in cloth-crafting!

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2 Responses to “Sewing Projects”

Running Commentary:
  1. Beth says:

    You are BRILLIANT!!! I am so glad I get a tote bag… I like them. And the skirt is super cute. I am quite jealous.

  2. Marla Driver says:

    I am so impressed! That old machine went to a good home! 😀