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Feb 4 2009

Requisite Introductory Post of Goodness

Congratulations! You’ve stumbled across the online domicile of Brenda Driver (that’s me!), Technical Trainer for Computer Services at Missouri State University. This particular little bit of the blogosphere is designed to be, well… whatever I want it to be on a given day.

By way of an introduction, I’ve decided simply to repost “25 Random Things About Me”, written earlier this week when I caved in to the Facebook fad, because I’m actually rather pleased with how it turned out. Enjoy!

Without further ado:

  1. I knew I wanted to marry Ryan a year before we started dating, and two years before we got engaged. There were good and bad times in between, but it was worth it, and I would relive it a million times to get to where we are now.
  2. I’m allergic to everything. Including air.
  3. I don’t like earthworms. I’m not afraid of them, I just don’t like them. I had to dissect one in high school. It failed to conquer my aversion.
  4. When I was little, whenever I saw a dandelion, I’d go, “Look, Mom! Flow!!” and stomp on it.
  5. We lived in Germany for four years. We got to visit France, the Netherlands, Austria, and Czechoslovakia, and probably hundreds of castles. Our favorite place was the Atlantis indoor waterpark. Nothing in America comes remotely close to that. I can also spell Czechoslovakia without looking it up anywhere.
  6. I taught myself to draw out of guilt: I once traced a drawing of a horse and told everyone I drew it myself. Then I felt bad about it. So, I made myself learn how to actually draw it, and liked it so much I kept drawing.
  7. I broke my arm in third grade pretending I was an airplane. Tripping on a curb put an end to that game.
  8. I used to be horribly afraid something bad would happen to my sister. I can remember getting up at night on a regular basis to check that she was still in her crib. I once dreamed she flushed herself down the toilet, and woke up in a panic.
  9. My dreams are very vivid, and I can remember many dreams from when I was little. I dreamed once that I was in the ocean, and sharks and fish and even the fish eggs nibbled at my toes. Coincidentally, I can’t stand having my toes touched.
  10. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is the best.thing.evar.
  11. I learned right from left when I sliced open my right thumb opening a can of cat food. For a long time, if I needed to determine right or left, I’d look at the thumb with the scar. It’s gone now.
  12. I’m not afraid of blood or needles but I can’t stand the thought of stitches. Luckily, the cat-food-can-cut only needed butterfly strips, and the only time I ever have had stitches were invisible ones after my wisdom teeth were taken out. On a side note, coming out of anesthesia afterward was fun; I berated the surgeon for not taking out my !@#$%^^!!! teeth and thought the nurse was my mother.
  13. At the age of two, I informed my mother in great detail that Ronald Reagan was the President, and he was in charge of the country, and he lived in a big white house, and that I was going to marry him. Also, I would yell “Fries, Mommy!!” every time we drove by a McDonald’s.
  14. I’ve been able to crochet since I was about five years old.
  15. I can’t whistle, and hate it when other people do.
  16. I saw my first car commercial at the age of nine, after we moved back from Germany. I remember being mind-boggled at the existence of the 1992 Nissan Sentra. This is because in Germany, the only English-speaking channel was military-funded and could not run commercial advertising.
  17. I’ve lost and kept off almost 45 pounds since I graduated from college.
  18. I hate my current wardrobe and wish I could replace it entirely with clothing tailor-made for me. Apparently the textile industry doesn’t realize that women come in my height, size, and shape, so nothing ever fits right. This is why I’m learning how to sew.
  19. I have a nearly photographic memory and can remember phone numbers of people I haven’t seen in a decade, but I have a terrible time remembering birthdays.
  20. I’m always hungry and have to eat something every hour and a half or so or I get dizzy.
  21. I love cooking using cast-iron. I also love cooking with Ryan. I hated cooking, until he came along.
  22. I know how to change a flat tire and my car’s oil.
  23. There exists a very narrow temperature range at which I am comfortable. I don’t actually know what it is, because I have yet to find it. I am always either too cold or too hot.
  24. I’m very bossy, and tend to take over in emergencies.
  25. My life is just about perfect, and it’s only going to get better from here.
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