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Aug 26 2009

Refashioned Apron

Apron Fabric

My first foray into the thrift store stash involves a curtain and a pillowcase that happened to coordinate fairly well. I’d been wanting an apron, because when I wash dishes, I generally end up washing the floor and myself along the way. So I took the pillowcase apart, made trim from the curtain, and voila!

I didn’t really use a pattern; I just sort of cut pieces at whim to see what would happen. Both pieces of fabric were really worn, so my machine had a tough time (even lightweight needles tended to pinch the fabric rather than sew it) but it’s really soft and turned out pretty comfortable. If I make another apron, there are some things I will do differently, but, for your viewing pleasure, I present…


Check out all the cool things you get in this photo: the unbrushed hair, the glasses, my pjs, my gigantic antique digital camera, a partial view of my messy sewing space… You had no idea what you were in for on this one! I promise not to inflict such terrors upon you again. At least for a few days.

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One Response to “Refashioned Apron”

Running Commentary:
  1. Marla Driver says:

    LOL! Good job on the apron!