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Feb 22 2011

Photos: (Rural) Decay

Five years ago, I took a black-and-while film photography class, and as part of my final project, I took several rolls of film on my mother’s property, including a number of shots inside two old houses that had been abandoned long before we arrived.

I’ve been reading a lot about urban decay photography lately, so this weekend I decided to venture into the two buildings again for some “rural decay” shots. I was amazed at the colors in these drab old buildings! Of course, back when I was shooting b&w, I was only interested in tonal values; this time, I wanted to really bring out the vibrant hues hidden beneath the rust, mud, and decomposing leaves.

Here are some of the results. Enjoy!

Youngstown Kitchens
Youngstown Kitchens
{ old flooded sink }

This is a TRAVESTY
This is a TRAVESTY
{ instamatic camera – I almost stepped on it! I brought it home to clean it up; I doubt it will ever work again, but it’s kind of a trophy, I guess }

From chaos, life
From chaos, life
{ this duplicates one of the b&w shots I had really liked }

Crumbling Chimney
Crumbling Chimney
{ pretty, in a sad way }

See the full set on Flickr.

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One Response to “Photos: (Rural) Decay”

Running Commentary:
  1. Susan says:

    Really great photos, Brenda! I wish I had the time and money to devote to doing more with photography. It really is interesting how different things can look when you see them out of context and frame them in a shot. You have a great eye!