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Nov 23 2012

328/366: “The Kid in the Crib”

Ryan and I received this as one of our birthday presents today – "The Kid in the Crib: A Dr Seuss Parody" by Lex Friedman – about two new parents’ exhausting night with their baby. I read part of it to the family gathered for Thanksgiving, and we were all roaring with laughter by the end.

"And then I said, "No! No! /
What has happened in there?! /
Did you nurse her? Or feed her /
Fresh meat from a bear?’ /
That poop was not human /
That poop seemed so phony /
That poop looked like /
Mustard and tar and baloney."

We’ll be quoting this one. A lot.

… And thanking our lucky stars that Julian is as zen as he is.

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