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Dec 16 2009

My Favorite Kids

Jessica pretends my shoe is a phone

I’ve spent two evenings this week with my favorite kids. Monday night Jessica and I played fashion designer with my closet, and trust me, you’re glad I’m not showing you her sense of coordinating colors. You’re welcome.

Incidentally, I’ve added blur effects to hide ISO noise; all these were taken in low light.

Jessica picks out a dress and shoes:

Jessica thinks I should wear this one

and proceeds to turn them into toys:

Crazy Wig

I love the pose in this next one; just wish it came out of the camera a little less blurry. Oh well; enjoy!


Yesterday I babysat for Keegan and Kadence so their parents could enjoy their eighth anniversary. Kadence sorted his Reese’s Pieces while Keegan worked on his Santa puppet (check out these reds and blues!):

Busy boys

These two have a great sibling relationship (and a stuffed Santa, if you look closely):

Keegan and Kadence

Oh, and they kinda seem to like me (probably because I gave them Reese’s Pieces):

Me and the Boys

Would you believe they posed themselves for this? Seriously, I look up and they are on the chair waiting for me (take the picture already, lady!):


Kadence giggles if you smooch him (Keegan took this one):


It’s things like this that make me look forward to having kids with Ryan someday. Not right now. But someday.

<insert contented sigh here>

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