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Nov 7 2009

Honeymoon in Chicago, Part 3

Foggy View from the Art Institute

The final day of our honeymoon dawned gray and foggy, and it misted rain the entire day. Chicago is just as pretty when it’s raining as it is when it’s sunny, so I couldn’t complain.

The Art Institute offers free baggage check, so we packed up, checked out of the hotel, and trundled the three blocks to the Institute with our luggage in tow.

Looking back from the Art Institute

At this point in the week, we were almost overloaded with all the stuff we’d seen the previous four days, so I confess we didn’t enjoy it as much as we might have otherwise. Still, we made the best of our time and saw as much as our tired, stiff feet would let us.

Here are a few favorites:

Sculpture Jewelry from IndiaVery ornate traveling trunkWaterloo Bridge - MonetLichtenstein - don't recall the title

We had lunch in the museum cafe, and then once we had seen all we could handle, we picked up our luggage and headed for the downtown library – a building a full city block in size and nine (!) stories tall.

Downtown Public Library

From there it was time to catch the train back to O’Hare. We got there plenty early, and of course, our flight home was delayed. We landed back home a little after midnight, instead of 9:30 pm as scheduled, but we were just happy to be home!

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