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Oct 22 2009

Honeymoon in Chicago, Part 2

Dolphins, Fantasea, Shedd Aquarium

The honeymoon is great, but our feet are getting tired!

Yesterday we went to the Shedd Aquarium and wandered around almost the entire day.

Shedd Aquarium

Some of the highlights:

Giant crab


We wanted to have dinner at Frontera, a Mexican restaurant, but apparently so did the rest of Chicago; there was a two and a half hour wait! So, we walked around the block and found Xoco, a “fast-food” version of Frontera. Pretty tasty, but no pics right now; we had forgotten to bring the camera.

Today we went to the Field Museum, and spent a solid five hours wandering around.

Field Museum


We had dinner at Santorini’s Greek restaurant; we walked from the hotel in the rain, and a block away the umbrella broke, so we were cold and soaked by the time we got there. The waitstaff was great and seated us by the fire, so we were warm and cozy in no time. Our food was delicious!

DolmadesChicken Halsted Spanikopita Baclava

Tomorrow we’re tackling the Art Institute before we catch our plane home. We had planned to take advantage of the free evening tonight, but I had some sort of allergic reaction to something I ate and broke out in hives; plus we were both wiped out from all the walking we’ve done the last four days. I’m feeling better and this gives us more time to walk around the museum tomorrow anyway.

See you all when we get home!

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