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Jun 15 2010

Helping out a fellow Etsy seller

Many of you may have heard me tell of my love for the website Regretsy, featuring hilarious and sometimes awful items for sale on Etsy. One of the things I love about Regretsy is the site’s support of Etsians in need.

Recently Nikki of TinyAirplanes and her fiance Jake were robbed of all they own. Within 30 minutes of their plight being featured on Regretsy, buyers had contributed by purchasing every single item they had for sale.

I’m helping out too: 100% of profits from HappenstanceHandmade from orders placed between 6/15 and 6/30 will be donated to Nikki and Jake. It isn’t much, for my store is new and small, but if you have a moment and a few dollars to help them get back on their feet, it would be much appreciated.


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