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Feb 20 2009

Gearing Up For a Reunion

This May will mark the 10th anniversary of my high school graduation, and tonight my high school will host its Homecoming basketball game (we were and still are too small to have a football team), during which we will be paraded in front of the cheering masses and recognized as being officially “old” or “grown-up” or some other such rubbish. And then? Beer!!

I have admit that I am approaching the evening with some trepidation. I was the baby of my class; when everyone else was tooling around in either battered farm trucks or shiny new Mustangs, I… rode the school bus. Needless to say, the age difference made things rough in high school. I didn’t make many good friendships, and while I think of many of my classmates fondly, if I weren’t on Facebook I doubt I would have even been invited, because we haven’t kept in touch through any other means.

I am definitely a little nervous. Do I wear the nice suit I wore to work? Do I wear jeans? A dress? Will I be annoyed by guys that tormented me back then, and talked about behind my back by girls who never liked me? What if I trip on the half-court line, like I did so many times in basketball practice?

Nonetheless, I am excited about tonight. I get to show off my gorgeous fiance and spend time with my beloved sister and my super awesome mom. I get to look all pretty in front of lots of people who probably remember me as terribly geeky, and I get to tell them how awesome I am these days. And I am anxious to hear how awesome everyone else is, and meet their spouses and kids, if they have them. My hopes are that ten years will have made us all older, wiser, friendlier, and funnier. If the years haven’t done it, I expect the beer will. *wink*

I don’t have high expectations, so I won’t be disappointed if nothing has changed. I anticipate awkward conversations with people whose name I don’t remember. I may well spend the evening talking only to Ryan. But I’m hoping that I will be pleasantly surprised, and come away from it with fonder memories than of what I left behind a decade ago.

And if not… At least there will have been beer.

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