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Jun 10 2010

First Foray into Jewelry-Making

I have long avoided even the thought of making jewelry, because as someone who loves scrapbooking and sewing, I know how freakishly expensive hobbies like jewelry-making can get. Nonetheless, a few weekends ago I picked up an inexpensive earring kit (made 10 pairs of earrings that I really liked for $4) and a set of jewelry pliers, and whipped up all the earrings in nothing flat.

Well, that was fun.

Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend and a trip to Ryan’s family’s cabin in Forsyth, MO. I can’t really lug the sewing machine around, and I wanted to take something fun with me other than a book, so on the way we stopped at a craft store and I picked up a box of various glass beads.  Alas, once I opened it, I realized that there weren’t many matched pairs; despite the quantity of beads, I wasn’t going to get many earrings out of them. Still, I was able to craft a few pairs, one of which was promptly snapped up by my mother-in-law! Here are the prettiest:

Moar earrings!

Since I haven’t had much time for sewing, I have posted both pairs of these earrings on my Etsy store so it won’t feel lonely and un-updated. I don’t know how far I really want to foray into jewelry-crafting – tune in after my sister gives me the piles of jewelry-making supplies she has promised me!

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2 Responses to “First Foray into Jewelry-Making”

Running Commentary:
  1. Beth says:

    I have a whole box of goodies for you!!

  2. Beth says:

    Wow. I posted the same thing twice… Can you tell I’m tired? Feel free to delete as needed.