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Aug 13 2009

Fabric Shopping on a Budget

Fabric Purchased On Sale

Anyone who has ever been in a fabric store can tell you fabric is not cheap. So how could a budding seamstress like myself stock up on fabrics and not break the bank?

Thrift stores, baby.

Ryan’s mother stopped by on Saturday and mentioned that our local D.A.V. was having a one-day-only $0.98 sale. I’m not normally a huge fan of thrift stores (if I spend too much time in them, my allergies kick into high gear), but we thought it would be worth stopping in. Ryan wanted to see if he could find some more T-shirts, and I figured I could pick up some clothes to refashion. No shirts for Ryan (found one for me!), but we wandered down several aisles before leaving and found ourselves in front of the jackpot: a whole aisle of clean, although lightly faded, sheets, bedskirts, pillowcases, and curtains.

We took most of it.

This is the haul, and along with my shirt and three dresses and skirts to repurpose, it cost me less than $22 and 15 minutes in the D.A.V. This should keep me busy for a while!

Check this awesomeness out:

Flat sheets:

Flat Sheets

Fitted sheets:

Fitted Sheets

More Fitted Sheets

Pillowcases and a bedskirt:

Pillowcases and bedskirt



I think I was extraordinarily lucky to get in on this when I did, but even had it not been marked way down, thrift stores are a good source of lots of used fabric for experimenting on the cheap. Check your out today, and let me know if you find any super deals!

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