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Apr 5 2010

Birthday Purses

It’s been a while since I posted a sewing project, so here’s the latest: birthday purse sets for my sister (3/21) and my Little Sister in St Louis (3/20). The pattern is Simplicity 2617; I used Bag B for the purses and D for the makeup bags. These are cross-posted on Burda Style.


The purses

Here you can see the pockets

The final sets

Obligatory "Purses on Stairs!" shot


1. If you sew this pattern, I recommend moving the markings for zipper in the pocket on piece 11 down by at least 1/4″. As marked, I’ve had trouble fitting the zipper, magentic snap, and top seam allowance into the space allotted, resulting in the sides snapping a tiny bit crookedly and requiring me to hand stitch the final topstitching (not a pretty sight).

2. If you can, add about 1/4″ of length to the patchwork pieces that become the outer sides. Some of this is me being relatively novice at this, but my patchwork didn’t come out even across the top, making cutting the side pieces out of the patchwork a tiny bit tricky.

3. When attaching the sides/bottom (piece 10) to the outsides or to the lining (pieces 9), match the ends up to the notches before pinning along the bottom. At first, I tried to pin from one end to the other, and I ran out of fabric; it’s designed to give a little structure to the bag, so if you pin the notches first, then work to the bottom, it’ll come together more easily.

4. I bought double the amounts of fabric and notions listed on the pattern; the goal was  to make two purses and two makeup bags. I had enough fabric left over to make two more purses (conveniently enough, I have two May birthdays to plan gifts for!), though I did have to purchase 1 and 1/4 yd of heavyweight fusible interfacing for the last bag.

5. I used variegated embroidery thread on the blue/green bag, and I kind of liked the effect, but I really prefer the solid embroidery on the pink/brown one. Yes, I hand-embroidered it. Yes, I am crazy; each side took a full hour to embroider.

6. I really love this pattern.


Don’t hesitate to ask. I’m in the process of making two more of Bag B, and I’ve purchased stuff for Bag A, so I’m in purse-making mode!

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