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May 7 2009

BBBS: At the circus

Circus Elephants
The annual Shriner’s circus is becoming something of a tradition with Jessica, and my dear friend Lea Ann and her two small boys, and me. This is the second year that the five of us have gotten together to go to the circus, and we’re already planning next year’s trip!
Highlights of this year’s circus trip included Chinese food for dinner, getting blue cotton candy all over our faces, and drinking snow cones until the boys were too sugared up to sit still.

Some of our favorite acts

… tigers! On high wires! Jumping through burning hoops! Being tiger-y!!
Rainbow ponies
… the rainbow-colored ponies delighted Jessica; they ended their show by making a sort of Maypole tent of gauzy rainbow fabric.
Circus Fabric Dancer
… we both loved the routines the dancers did suspended on giant swaths of sheer fabric.

Grade: A

The circus is always a great show, but this year the prices were astronomical, and we weren’t able to ride the elephants like we all did last year. We wondered if, because we went on a McDonald’s night, they increased prices of the extras to make up for the lowered ticket prices; it prevented us from doing activities during the intermission that the kids would’ve really liked to do, like touch the boa constrictor, bounce in the inflatable castle, and ride the elephants. We’re all excited to see what next year’s circus will bring!

At the circus

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Running Commentary:
  1. Trent says:

    This circus that you go to every year is the top shrine circus producers of all time. It is called the George Carden Circus International and is my all time favorite circus even better than ringling brothers.It is such a great show put on by the Carden crew and kids love it too