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Feb 25 2010

Austin, TX

Winging my way south

I spent last week in Austin, TX, for the Educause Southwest Regional Conference 2010; I presented a session on “Using a Wiki to Keep Up with Evolving Training and Documentation Needs”.

Flying and I really don’t get along. My flight out got cancelled, so I got put on a later flight – meaning I missed my connecting flight, so I got to Austin about three hours after I was scheduled to. My last flight coming home was pretty terrible – delayed for two hours, super hot, and someone had been eating beans… and that’s before the bumpy descent and slam-into-the-runway landing. The hotel was okay, the food was expensive, and the whole trip had entirely too little of my Ryan. The conference itself was good, so it was worth going, but man… no more flying for me for a loooooong time!

I also made time to tour the Texas State Capitol; here are some photos:

Texas State Capitol

Rotunda in the Capitol

Hinges at the Capitol

St Elias Orthodox Church

Park next to the hotel

Sunset from my hotel window

More photos can be found on Flickr.

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