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Nov 10 2009

A thrifty Halloween, and upcoming sewing projects

Prototype sewing project

I haven’t done a ton of sewing, in part because I’m about to sit down and make a whole bunch of Christmas gifts. As a teaser, though, the image above is of a section of a prototype for something I’m pretty pleased with. Expect a tutorial after it’s all finished.

I took myself fabric shopping last night to stock up on supplies to make Christmas gifts. I was so excited to find this fabric, that I may just keep everything I make from it:

Awesome fabric

I didn’t sew at all to make my Halloween costume for this year; a last-minute thrift-store trip with my Lea Ann turned up nearly all of this (I already had the hat, boots, and beige shirt), for about $10. A little chopping made it properly piratey…

Yarrr, I be a pirate, matey

… to go trick-or-treating with my favorite dragon, pirate, and witch:

My faves!

Jessica looked pretty awesome.


Next year I plan to put a little more effort into a Halloween costume. his year, though, I was kinda busy in the days leading up to Halloween. Anyway, I have lots of projects to work on, so expect more sewing posts in the near future!

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