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Aug 28 2009

A Healthy Dose of Cuteness


Ryan and I were adopted by this adorable little feller last week on one of our evening walks. I looked for the mama cat, but there were no signs of her, and the little guy obviously needed shelter. So we fed him and took him to the vet, who gave us medicine that kicked in pretty quickly. He was malnourished and about a third the size a six-week old kitten should be, but he is certainly affectionate enough to make up for what he lacks in size.

While he was building up his energy, he tended to want to sleep on me. Since I generally like having both hands free, I made a “kitty sling” from one of my scarves; he’d fall asleep pretty quickly and I could do just about anything with him there.

Link in his sling

Unfortunately, by the fourth evening, my cat allergies had kicked in big time. So, a quick posting on Craigslist helped us find a new home for our little Link, with a vet tech who volunteers in an animal shelter looking for a kitten for her daughter. His new mommy says he is doing just fine, and has been sending me pictures!

New Home

I miss the little guy, but he’s got a good home, and will get excellent care.

And that is your healthy dose of cuteness for today!

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