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Feb 24 2009

10 Reasons Why Dieting Sucks

Ryan and I have been trying to lose a little weight – not to cave into the “You’re engaged! You have to lose weight!!” idea that pervades my Facebook ads, but to be in better health overall – and so we temporarily suspended our vegetarianism (which we love) for Atkins (which frankly, we hate). I had lost quite a bit of weight on Atkins when I graduated college six years ago, so we figured it was worth a try. We have already lost weight, but that is without a doubt the only good part of this ordeal. Read on for 10 reasons why dieting sucks.

10. Irritability

Ryan and I tend to be good-natured on the whole, but the last few days in particular have been really tough. We can attribute part of it to the fact that until we move in together this summer, we have two kitchens, and rather than keeping them both stocked, we ferry groceries back and forth on an almost daily basis. Part of it comes from feeling hungry all the time, something that the Atkin’s books promises goes away after about three days. We’re on Day 10, and so far? We’re still hungry. And certainly, it’s boring. Ryan never wants to see egg salad again. I personally have had more bacon in the last week and a half than I’ve had in the last year or so. I would commit murder for an orange.

9. Appetite swings

As mentioned above, we always feel hungry, even though we are scarfing down protein like there’s no tomorrow. Except the last few days,  during which I haven’t wanted to eat anything. None. Zip. Zilch. Maybe a cup of broth. The delightful mini-egg-and-spinach quiches we made? No thanks. Salad? Heck no? Bacon? No, no, no, and no. My lack of desire to eat definitely causes Reason Number 3, dizziness.

8. Severely limited food options

Pasta? Out. Potatoes? Out. Carrots? Out. Fruit? Alas, out. Cookies? Good heavens, those are out. What can we have? Salad. With water. And enough meat and eggs to clog an elephant’s arteries. Luckily we can still drink small glasses of wine. We’d be stark raving mad without it. Sometimes I’m stark raving mad with it.

7. Cost

Our grocery bill for one week was at least equal to what we normally spend on nearly a month’s worth of groceries. When you aren’t buying chicken, steak, or fish, you generally pay a lot less.

6. Can’t eat out

Want fast food? Your options are generally burgers, burgers, tacos, and… burgers. While meat is A-Okay, the buns and tortillas are not. And let’s face it… throwing away a perfectly good bun is like throwing away your money.

5. … but cooking is no fun

Ryan and I LOVE to cook together. It’s as much a bonding time for us as it is mealtime. Being vegetarian, we experimented with lots of options, and generally liked those options. Being on Atkins? See Reason 8. Not much cooking involved in throwing together a salad. Nor is there much romance in the same damn egg salad salad night after night.

4. Clothes don’t fit

I know, I know. The whole point is to lose weight, right? Well, yes. However, I just realized that losing another five pounds will mean I have a closet full of tents. And since we have a wedding and may be buying a house in the foreseeable future, guess what my self-imposed clothing budget is right now? You guessed it. $0.00. Good thing I’m learning to sew. Maybe I can take in my shirts without anyone noticing. The wedding dress, though… that’s a different story. I may have to have it altered after all.

3. Lethargy, dizziness, palpitations, nausea

I actually missed a day of work yesterday, because I didn’t have the energy to get out of bed. Every muscle hurt. My appetite was gone. My head hurt fiercely. And I was cranky beyond belief. Sleeping all day did help, but now that I’m back at work, I am still having a lot of trouble with light-headedness. I know I get anemic, and I’ve been careful about my iron supplements, but I shouldn’t have to eat every hour to stay alert, especially since I’m dealing with Reason 9.

2. Planning

We generally enjoy grocery shopping. Not so lately. Because of Reason 8, our grocery lists have been pretty limited, yet costly. Plus, we’ve been trying to cook for the week ahead on Sunday evenings, and cooking multiple meals at once stresses me out more than I care to admit. And the whole two-kitchen issue makes it pretty tough to fix lunch for the next day if the ingredients are in the other fridge. Today I brought Ryan’s lunch with me, and he came over to fetch it, for that very reason. Normally I’m a little more with it than that.

1. No ice cream!

And lastly, the number one reason why dieting sucks: No ice cream. NONE. And boy do we love us some ice cream. Then again, maybe that’s part of why we’re dieting in the first place.


To be fair, Atkins works really well for some people. I didn’t have nearly the frustration with it six years ago that I am now. All I know is, yes I’m losing weight, which is nice, but you know what I am really looking forward to?

My first post-Atkins orange.

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