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Sep 4 2009


I got back from lunch today to see this in my Pidgin window:

Ryan: The mayo in the fridge I put on my sandwich
Ryan: had an expiration date of 10/18/09
Ryan: so I believe that is a sign
Ryan: that our honeymoon will be
Ryan: like mayonnaise

… and I giggled.

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Sep 3 2009

Tutorial: Ring Bearer Pillows

Ring Bearer Pillows

Our wedding party includes two adorable ring bearers, the young sons of my bridesmaid Lea Ann and her husband, Kyle, who will be escorting me down the aisle. Rather than spending $20-$30 a pop on ring bearer pillows, I decided to try my hand at making them.

Feb 4 2009


I can’t really go much further without giving a quick shout-out and some linkage love to the designer and builder of my blog, who happens to be the love of my life and future husband, the one and only Ryan Burrell. Visit his site at http://www.ryanburrell.com to see even more delightful web confections or to find out more about hiring him for freelance projects.

Coincidentally, the URL for this blog will change sometime this October, since we’ll have done the whole “go stand in front of a crowd and say some nice words and give each other shiny things” thing, and I will be changing my name. Stay tuned!

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