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Dec 26 2012

361/366: Wedding Preparedness Kit

For the lovely ladies of my sister’s wedding party to share on Saturday. Not that we need any help being stunningly beautiful, but you can never be too prepared.

Items in this box include: mini hair dryer, mini curling/flat iron, brushes, comb, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, bandaids, eye drops, contact lens solution, hairspray, hair gel,clear elastics, baby powder, Tide pen, static spray, sewing needles, earring backs, lint roller, feminine items, manicure kit, lotion, hairpins, tums, and Advil. I’ll add straight pins, safety pins, thread, seam ripper, scissors, and chocolate as soon as I finish my bridesmaid dress.

Did I leave anything out?

Nikon D5000, f/3.8, 1/25 sec, 25mm

Dec 25 2012

360/366: “The top is stars, and the bottom is people”

Meemaw’s Christmas tree. The top half is blue lights only – the stars in the sky – and the bottom is multicolored – the people on the ground. None of us noticed until she explained it, but I love it.

This is the only use I like for all-blue Christmas lights.

Nikon D5000

Dec 25 2012

359/366: Twas the night before Christmas

… which means Chinese food, tons of desserts, the Big Bang Theory game, and an adorable baby.

Merry Christmas!

Nikon D5000

Dec 23 2012

358/366: Christmas at Church

The decorations at church looked amazing today.

Android FX Camera

Dec 23 2012

357/366: Alterations in progress

The saga of the bridesmaid dress continues…

I was 6 months pregnant when it was time to order the dresses, so I ordered a much larger dress than normal because I had no idea what size I’d be. The dress I got is, in fact, a tent, which I discovered when I tried it on a few weeks ago. I took it to an alterations place, and was quoted a price almost 150% the cost of the dress. Since there’s not a lot of time left before the wedding, I am putting my sewing skills to work and doing it myself. Thank goodness for all those Halloween costumes I’ve made!

I’ve detached the lining and completely altered it, and have taken in the skirt of the outer layers and part of the outer bodice. I’ve removed a full 12" from the waist (that’s not a typo – twelve inches. Twelve!) and it is coming along famously. To do: Finish taking in one side of the outer layers, take in the bodice, reattach the lining, reattach the zipper, take in the belt, and possibly hem it (the lining is the perfect length, so fingers crossed I can skip hemming).

The pile of fabric above? That’s what I’ve cut out so far.

Nikon D5000, f/3.5, 1/30 sec, 18mm