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Oct 15 2012

289/366: Pumpkin Decorating at BBBS Fall Fest

A little puff paint here, a little glitter there, add googly eyes, and voilà! you end up with a pumpkin-y portrait of me.

Nikon D5000, f/3.5, 1/125 sec, 18mm

Mar 16 2011

BBBS: Circus 2011

Once again Jessica and I made our annual pilgrimage to the Shrine Mosque for a dose of sequins, colored lights, clowns, and elephants. As always, we enjoyed the show and had a great time; Jessica went from “omg clowns are scary!” to “look how many autographs I got!”, so I guess the evening was a success!

The evening was extra special for a couple of little girls in the audience: Aleena and Alexia Havens, who were injured badly in a house fire a few months ago and have been in Shriner hospitals until last week, got to thank the emergency responders who saved their lives, and enjoy the circus in style.

Here are some highlights of the evening:

Motorcycle + high wire + ORANGE
Motorcycle + high wire + ORANGE

I present you this cheerleader
I present you this cheerleader

Jessica takes her own photos
Jessica takes pictures too

My element is fire
My element is fire


View more on my Flickr.

Here are some of Jessica’s photos, too!

Firefly Climbing

Aerial Acrobat

Flying Poodles!

Elephant Dominoes

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Jan 11 2011

Photos: Hey, Look, a Blog Post!

For your viewing pleasure, some recent (for given values of recent) photos. Enjoy!

A Deal is Struck { Playing Settlers of Catan }

A Deal is Struck

A Cookbook for Christmas

A cookbook for Christmas

Playing with “pixels”

Playing Pool

Playing Pool

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Amongst the Tanks { Wine Cellar }

Amongst the Tanks

Blue October

Blue October

The greatest carnival on earth

The greatest carnival on earth

Oodles more on my Flickr.

Aug 11 2010

BBBS: Back to School Shopping

This year Big Brothers Big Sisters gave “scholarships” of $50 to each Little specifically for clothes and shoes for back-to-school. Jessica and I shopped at TJ Maxx, Rue 21, and Target; she came away with four shirts, leggings, jeans, hairbands, and some unmentionables.

Of course, new clothes means we have to have a photo shoot!

I’ve been reading a lot about photography and I really see how a reflector or some kind of fill flash would have helped in the late evening light. Somehow, though, I doubt Jessica will care one way or the other ^_^

When we get together next, Jessica is going to write a thank-you letter to the donor who made our awesome shopping trip possible and to BBBS for being all-around awesome!

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Mar 23 2010

BBBS: Third Anniversary

Jessica makes the law around here

Jessica and I have been matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters for three years today.

We celebrated yesterday by stuffing our faces at CiCi’s Pizza.


Then we invaded our friends’ house, where Jessica and Keegan and Kadence played hide-and-go-seek and tag with various twists. Mainly, this involved running around the house as fast as possible, with the roles of chaser and chasee being exchanged at random. The only rule is, if you “die” (that is, wipe out on the kitchen floor), everyone points and laughs! Then you are “healed” with magic, and it’s back into the fray! Weapons included: a plastic pistol, an empty Dr Pepper liter bottle, a vacuum hose, a pair of shoes, a ball, socks, and a stuffed Hulk toy.

There were capes involved.

Kadence discovers that light sabers can double as a vacuum in a pinch

The evening ended with a quiet round of “Go Fish”. Kadence is a master of the game, and won all our cards. Twice.

It was much less-planned than our previous match anniversaries have been, but Jessica loved it. Here’s to many more years like the three we’ve already shared!