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You have stumbled across the online home of Brenda J. Burrell, which is chock full of awesome and getting better with each post. Find out more about Brenda:

At Work

I am a Systems Analyst for Computer Services at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. My work is mainly project management for the Student and Academic Team of the Management Information Systems (MIS) group.

I have previously taught per-course for Missouri State University’s Fashion and Interior Design Department and have done a little photography for them.

At Home

My wonderful husband, Ryan, and I were married in October 2009 and we welcomed our son, Julian, in October 2012. Ryan makes awesome video games as part of Pixelscopic and is all-around awesome.

When I’m not working, I can usually be found taking photographs (check out my 2012 Daily Photo Project), sewing on a 1976 Kenmore sewing machine that belonged to my grandmother Lois, scrapbooking, reading, yoga-ing (is that a word? If not, it is now!), and volunteering with a lovely young lady named Jessica through Big Brothers Big Sisters (we celebrate our six-year match anniversary in March 2013!). I can play bass guitar, change the oil in my car, split an infinitive, and walk in four-inch heels, sometimes all in one day.


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